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Do you have discolored thick toenails? Do you want to avoid strong medications that can cause liver damage? Are you tired of liquids and creams that are time consuming to apply with poor results?

Finally you can get rid of your discolored, cracked fungal toenails or onychomycosis with the latest laser advances. While lasers may seem scary to some, they are used daily for cosmetic procedures using safe light energy for state-of-the-art toe nail fungus treatment.

While there are several laser technologies available, Dr. Marc Katz, a Tampa podiatrist, has done his homework...

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ToeLaze Complete (TLC): The Ultimate Laser Toenail Fungus Removal Treatment!

Dr. Marc Katz, a Tampa podiatrist has done it again. First he developed the CryoMax procedure for nerve destruction to relieve foot pain. The procedure is known throughout the US, Canada and many other countries. Now, Dr. Katz has developed the ToeLaze Complete procedure, also known as the TLC procedure!

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